Timoteo Rodriguez


Timo Rodriguez and his brother Miguel Rodriguez have been working for the East Ranches for close to 40 years. Timo is the older brother, and came to work for the East Family in 1975. During his tenure, Timo has been known as the Head Cowboy, and even in his 60s shows no signs of slowing down. Timo has four children of his own, raised two children for his sister, who passed away, and has five grandchildren who live in Mexico.

For their entire lives Timo and his brother have been cowboys, following in the footsteps of their father, who was a cowboy before them. They were born in a cave located in the Sierra Madres. As they become old enough to work, they helped their father care for cattle on the ranch where he was employed, before moving to another ranch to work with their brother-in-law. He told them that Robert East was looking for cowboys, inviting Timo and Miguel to head north and begin working for the East Family.

What has kept Timo and his brother on the East Ranches for so long is their respect for the East Family. They have always felt loved and respected and have a genuine affection for the land. This affection for the land has had such an impact on them that they refer to themselves as Eastenos or the “People of the East.”