Pablo Lopez

Windmill Repairman

Pablo Lopez stared work for the East Ranches 1985. He was 15 years old. Initially, Pablo was responsible for caring for the yard at the main house. He helped at the main house and around the headquarters area for the first four years he was employed with the East family.

Because he worked at the house, Pablo saw Lica East often.  She showed Pablo how to work with the dogs that she kept at the house. They were not used for hunting, but were well bred. Pablo would help Lica train and take care of the dogs. In the early 1990s, Pablo trained a dog and Lica sold it. Several months after the sale, Lica came to get Pablo and they watched a television program showing the dog Pablo had trained winning a reward for a performance in a dog show. Weeks later, the couple that had bought the dog came to visit the East Ranch to meet Pablo and show him the award the dog had won.

After years of working at the headquarters, Pablo lived on the majority of the East Ranches at Santa Rosa, Buena Vista, El Sauz, and again on San Antonio Viejo, working on fencing and windmills. In 2014, Pablo became the leader of the windmill crew but continues to help with fence repair in between windmill work.

Two of Pablo’s brothers, Raymundo and Lupe, two of his uncles, Aurelio and Cuate, one of his cousins, Lupe, and his brother-in-law have worked for the East family and the East Foundation. Pablo is from San Luis Potosi, Mexico, where his family still resides. He has four children and three grandchildren.