Janie Contreras

Administrative Assistant

Janie Contreras serves as an Administrative Assistant for the East Foundation. She provides administrative support for multiple managers and Chris Huff, Director of Field Operations and Security Management. She works closely with the San Antonio office as part of the Administrative Services Team to ensure the administrative needs of the Hebbronville office are addressed and completed as needed. In addition to these duties, Janie provides support for the East Foundation Ranches, LLC and assists in special projects as needed.

Prior to her employment with the East Foundation, Janie served as a Child Support Deputy and Assistant County and District Clerk for the Jim Hogg County and District Clerk’s Office. While working for the county, she worked with the public and county personnel and on projects for the 229th Judicial District Court, attorneys, and local law enforcement. As the Assistant County and District Clerk, Janie gained considerable knowledge in personnel and records management, and extensive clerical and administrative skills. Prior to her employment with Jim Hogg County, Janie worked with Time Warner Cable as a Customer Service and Sales Representative and as interim Office Manager where she acquired notable customer service skills.

Janie is a native Californian. She has worked in the Hebbronville area for many years and enjoys saltwater fishing, crafts, wood restoration, and spending time with her family.