Ignacio L. Rocha


Ignacio “Nacho” Rocha has been working for the East Foundation Ranches, LLC since 1982. In his over the 30 years of work, he has lived on all the ranches and worked in a variety of positions. Originally from San Luis Potosí, Nacho has four children and three grandchildren who still reside there.

Around the ranch Nacho is regarded as the “Jack of All Trades.” He has worked on the windmill crew, the fence crew, as a cowboy, and has operated heavy equipment. Occasionally, you can even catch Nacho in the camp kitchen, cooking for everyone who lives on the ranch. Referred to as “la mapa,” Nacho knows the location of every fence, gate, and road on the San Antonio Viejo. If you want to know where a road goes, or the best way to any part of the ranch, you only need to ask Nacho.

When the crew is working cattle, Nacho’s main duty is operation of the gate system as the helicopters gather the cattle. It is difficult to judge when to open and shut certain gates depending cattle movement, but Nacho is an expert, and that is what makes him so dependable. He has a deep love for the East Ranches and his hard work and knowledge of the ranch is greatly appreciated.