Cesar Salinas

Unit Foreman

Born in Falfurrias, Texas into one of the most historic Vaquero families of South Texas, Cesar Salinas was raised on the McGill Ranches located outside of Encintos, where his father was the caporal or foreman. From a young age Cesar knew he wanted to be a cowboy. His entire family comes from the Zapata area and they have all been vaqueros. His grandfather worked for Tom East taking care of the brood mares at the camp in Mifflin and in the late 1950s his father worked for Sarita East at the Kenedy Ranch.

When Cesar completed school he worked for numerous ranches in South Texas and in 1985 went to work for the Bass Family at El Coyote. He spent ten years at El Coyote then moved to La Paloma where he stayed for an additional five years.

Cesar Salinas continues to a long legacy of being an outstanding vaquero. He and his wife of 27 years, Nora, live in Falfurrias. They have two children and two granddaughters. Cesar spends his leisure time breaking colts and reading books on South Texas History and Cowboys. He is an expert on antique spur and bit collections and spends considerable time researching and looking for them.