Alfonso Huerta

Ranch Hand

Alfonso “Poncho” Huerta started working for the East Foundation Ranches when he was 14 years old. He was a field hand and farm worker in Mexico before he came to Texas. His uncle was working for a contract fence crew on the San Antonio Viejo and because of this, Poncho was able to come to work.

When Poncho first came to work for the East Family, he worked on the Buena Vista as a windmill hand, and after a few years there, he went to work at the San Antonio Viejo on both the windmill and fence crews. When Robert East was still alive, he lived at Casa Verde where he took care of the sheep and goats in addition to his other duties.

In 2002, Poncho moved to the El Sauz Ranch. Today, Poncho is the only employee working full-time on El Sauz. His days are very busy, checking cattle, water troughs, and fences throughout the ranch.

Poncho is very resourceful and creative when fixing problems. He can repair almost anything with only bailing wire and duct tape. He takes pride in the fact that can figure out how to do make anything work with limited resources. Poncho enjoys the peace and quiet on El Sauz. He likes to go for walks and go fishing when he is not working. He has five children, three daughters and two sons, and numerous grandchildren.