Cattle Ranching in the “Wild Horse Desert” – Stocking Rate, Rainfall, and Forage Responses

Full Text March 2020

Andrea Montalvo, Todd Snelgrove, Gilly Riojas, Landon Schofield, and Tyler A. Campbell


Efficacy of White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus Virginianus) Treatment for Cattle Fever Ticks in Southern Texas

Full Text February 2020

Chase R. Currie, David G. Hewitt, J. Alfonso Ortega-S., Greta L. Schuster, Tyler A. Campbell, Kim H. Lohmeyer, David B. Wester, and Adalberto Perez de Leon

Population Parameters in White-tailed Deer

Evaluating Employee Performance

Full Text February 2020

Rick Machen and Neal Wilkins


Prevalence of Common Tick-Borne Pathogens in White-tailed Deer and Coyotes in South Texas

Full Text February 2020

Serene Yu, Joseph Modarelli, John M. Tomecek, Justin T. French, Clayton Hilton, Maria D. Esteve-Gasent

Coyotes and Cattle