Research and Education Staff

Post-Doctoral Associates

Aaron Foley

Assessment of Population Parameters in White-tailed Deer

Graduate Students

Amanda Beckman

Behavior and Ecology of Wild Turkeys

Shelby Carter

Ocelot Research and Management

Dillan Drabek

White-tailed Deer, Nilgai and Cattle Grazing Interactions Project

Jacob Dykes

Behavioral Responses of White-tailed Deer to Heat Stress

Justin French

Coyotes and Cattle

Kory Gann

Assessment of Stable Isotope Ratios and Population Parameters in White-tailed Deer

Faith Hardin

Primary and Secondary Cavity Nesting Bird Research

Allie Kohler


Max Kramm

Ivermectin treatments and deer project

Jason Lombardi

Ocelot Research and Management

Alexis Pence

Rodents and Their Interactions with Vegetation Research

Seth Rankins

White-tailed deer Capture Project

Ramon Saenz III

White-tailed Deer, Nilgai and Cattle Grazing Interactions Project

Silverio Ávila Sánchez

Comparison of Seasonal Burning on Cordgrass Community Composition

Maksim Sergeyev

Ocelot Research and Management

Delanie Slifka


Abraham Woodard

Northern Bobwhite Population’s Response to Grazing Strategies

Rebecca Zerlin

Prescribed Burning and Butterflies

Lisa Zoromski

Behavior and movement ecology of nilgai antelope

Education Staff

Elisa Velador



Mary Annala

Assistant Big Game Ecologist
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Logan Anthony

Animal Science
Sam Houston State University '19

Jeremy Baumgardt, Ph.D.

Research Scientist
Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute

Andrea Bruno, Ph.D.

Research Scientist
East Foundation

Foster Burchett

Assistant Manager
Welder Heirs Ranch

Rider Combs

Rangeland Ecology and Management
Texas A&M University '18

Helen Davis

Colorado State University

Rachel Fern, Ph.D.

USGS, Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center

Molli Foxley

Assistant Livestock Manager
East Foundation

Samuel Free


Aleyda Galan

Environmental Specialist
SWCA Environmental Consultants

Victoria Haynes

Texas Parks and Wildlife

Zane Herrin

King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management

Stacy Hines, Ph.D.

Faculty Instructor and Coordinator for Distance Education Programming
Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Aquaculture Mississippi State University

Austin Ingram

Stocker Assistant
Mull Farms and Feeding

Tyson Johnson

Triangle Ranch

Zach Johnson

Wildlife and Fisheries Graduate Student
Texas A&M University

Dakota Kempken

Jennifer Korn, Ph.D.

Wildlife Biologist
Johnson Engineering, Inc.

Ana Krainyk, Ph.D.

Research Ecologist at Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
United States Geological Survey

John Leonard, Ph.D.

GIS Coordinator
Natural Heritage New Mexico

Maia Lipschutz

Invasive Species Biologist
Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands (CEMML)

Dru Lust

Agricultural Business and Economics
West Texas A&M University '18

Beau Navarre

Wildlife Management and Conservation
Louisiana State University

Janel Ortiz, Ph.D.

Post-doc Research Associate
University of San Diego

John Pistone

Research Biologist
International Crane Foundation

Andrew Polk

Credit Analyst
Lonestar Ag Credit

Shane Retzloff

Landscape Architecture with Natural Resources Management Minor ‘19
Texas Tech University

Michaela Rice

Summer Zoo Camp Educator and a Llama Trek Zoo Keeper
Minnesota Zoo

Dante Sonaglia

General Studies
Blinn College

Daniel Taylor

Laboratory Technician
USGS-National Wildlife Health Center

Andrew Tri, Ph.D.

Wildlife Research Biologist for Forest Wildlife and Populations Research Group
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Wes Watts

Wildlife Biologist
US Forest Service