University Programs

We need more management-minded scientists and more science-minded managers. We engage with university programs to strengthen the pipeline of talented scientists and well-informed decision makers. We are developing future leaders that will be well-grounded in applied science for better decision-making.

Specifically, we enhance the undergraduate student experience by:

  • Offering internships that are broad and comprehensive, equipping students with skills and experiences in all facets of the Foundation, including Programs, Field Operations, Ranch Operations, and Administration
  • Providing opportunities for seasonal field technicians to acquire research and data collection experiences from large-scale working lands
  • Delivering student volunteer experiences; for example, each year our Deer Capture Project provides approximately 120 students from 5 universities hands-on training in animal handling and data collection
  • Offering university class field trip location opportunities and projects, for selected classes

Our graduate student experience is strengthened by:

  • Providing applied research project opportunities that focus on factors that most threaten the productivity of working native rangelands, using our land as a laboratory
  • Sending our graduate students to state- and national-level professional meetings where they deliver research outcomes and build relationships with other professionals
  • Deeply and continually engaging our students in the private land stewardship message