East Foundation 3MT®

The 2nd Annual East Foundation Three Minute Thesis competition will take place on August 17, 2018 in Kingsville at the Tio and Janell Kleberg Wildlife Research Park.  

Three Minute Thesis (3MT) is a research communication competition developed by the University of Queensland in Australia. It challenges graduate students to make a compelling presentation on their research topic and its significance in just three minutes. The competition helps students develop academic, presentation and research communication skills and the capacity to explain their research to a non-academic audience.

The mission of the East Foundation is to support wildlife conservation and the other public benefits of ranching and private land stewardship.  We engage with university programs to strengthen the pipeline of talented scientists and well-informed decision makers.  We conduct programs such as 3MT® because we need more management-minded scientists and more science-minded managers.  Through this, we are developing future leaders that will be well-grounded in applied science, able to communicate to decision-makers.


Why Compete?

  • improve your ability to communicate science to people who are not scientists
  • hone your “elevator speech”
  • promote your research to decision makers
  • significant cash awards
  • because it is the right thing to do


The competition is open to all graduate students working on the East Foundation’s lands – both MS and PhD.  All 3MT® presentations will be professionally videoed.

Contact Information

For general information concerning the competition, please contact Tyler Campbell, Ph.D. at tcampbell@eastfoundation.net

Submit all presentation information and slide content to Maria Hernandez at mhernandez@eastfoundation.net